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Pheet contains a multitude of microbenchmarks to test different aspects of the system. The compiler (default: g++), include and library paths can be set in the file To compile, enter the following on the command line:

make test

The output of the benchmarks is in a tab-separated text-format, where each line of data is preceded with a line of headers and can be piped into a file. The output can be converted to a better to process format (csv with one row of headers at the beginning of the file) using the perl-script csvheet included with pheet.

Benchmarks can be enabled/disabled and configured in the file test/test_variants/standard.h. To define your own benchmark configuration, create a new configuration file under test/test_variants, and set the macro ACTIVE_TEST in test/settings.h to point to your configuration file. To recompile Pheet after a change in the configuration, run make clean first, since C++ header dependencies are not tracked yet in the pheet benchmark Makefile.

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